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Top 10 ways Surface shines on Windows 11


Extraordinary Robot
Jun 27, 2006
Simply put, Windows 11 and Surface help you achieve more. See how our latest Surface devices bring out the best of Windows 11.

(1) Mode detection​

With Windows 11, Surface automatically transitions to different modes when you change how you hold or use your device. Write in laptop mode, present with multiple screens in desktop mode, or sign a contract on-screen in tablet mode with the feeling of pen on paper on Surface Laptop Studio.
Three modes of operating Surface Laptop Studio

(2) Inking experience like never before​

Unlock new experiences with Surface Slim Pen 2, featuring tactile signals that provide the feeling of pen on paper and greater precision when taking notes, sketching and navigating.[1] Write and draw with incredible shading and exceptional pressure sensitivity with 120Hz display on Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop Studio – the highest refresh rate on any Surface device.
Woman using a Surface Slim Pen 2 with a Surface Pro device

(3) Experience subtle yet powerful tactile feedback​

  • The built-in haptic motor in Surface Slim Pen 2* activates to allow for a natural feeling when you’re taking notes or drawing. Tactile signals1 can also provide feedback when using natural gestures like circling to select in Microsoft 365 apps and using tools in Adobe Fresco.[2]
  • Surface Laptop Studio includes a Precision Haptic touchpad, optimized for Windows gestures, with sensors for comfortable haptic feedback while navigating. Tap or use intuitive gestures to navigate or create using the entire touchpad.
  • With the Surface Pro Signature Keyboard,* you can write, code or edit in comfort with mechanical backlit keys (including a function row), optimum key spacing for fast, accurate typing, and a large glass touchpad for precision input — all in a choice of rich colors.[3]
Surface Laptop Studio with Pen

(4) Multitask your way into productivity​

  • Move between work, home and school while staying in one place with multiple desktop windows that allow you to context-switch in seconds. The best part about this feature is the ability for Windows 11 to remember all the apps you’re using and help you pick up where you left off.
  • Snap apps in groups and open them at once with a click of a button. Snap app groups are available on the Windows taskbar after grouping for quick access.
  • Install Android apps from the Amazon Appstore. Try it using the Kindle Android app while taking notes with your Surface pen.
Document being displayed on a Surface device

(5) Tailor-made experiences to meet your needs​

Explore the new customizable pen menu and see how it automatically lights up when removing Surface Slim Pen 2* from the keyboard. Stay in your workflow with quick and easy access to inking applications.
Surface Pen menu

  • Breakaway from your keyboard with your voice. Powered by Microsoft Speech Services, Windows 11 Voice Typing lets you capture your ideas more accurately than ever.
  • Quickly connect with your contacts, work colleagues and others with Microsoft Teams available right from your taskbar. Experience the best of Teams with your Surface camera combined with optimized microphones, immersive sound and precision-engineered displays.

(6) Improved multimonitor experience​

Pick up where you left off with docking experiences that remember how your apps were laid out. Save time without the need to reconfigure your layout whenever you connect.
Surface Laptop Studio with multiple monitors

(7) Optimized display/touch for perfection​

  • Surface provides a perfect touch experience helping you stay productive without interrupting your workflow.
  • An extended brightness range along with more granular control lets you use your Surface Laptop Studio in more variable lighting conditions.
  • The on-screen keyboard lets you quickly access emojis and swipe with your fingers without lifting your finger to type a word. With Windows 11, you can make it your own by choosing different themes.
  • The Surface signature 3:2 aspect ratio is perfectly scaled for viewing Word docs, coding, or browsing websites on an optimized display with 18% more vertical screen[4] real estate than a typical laptop (with a 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio).

(8) Premium enterprise experience​

Windows 11 Pro, available with Surface for Business, is designed and built for the enterprise with premium experiences across security, deployment, management, reliability, app compatibility, video conferencing, multitasking, learning and more. Check out how Windows 11 benefits commercial customers.

(9) Optimized Windows Hello with best-in-class security​

Logging in is as simple as a smile with Windows Hello using infrared sensors to authenticate and unlock your PC. Log in instantly with improvised algorithmic technology in Windows 11 coupled with enhanced hardware in the Surface camera system. To learn more, see Windows 11 on Surface for Business.
Person logging onto Surface device

(10) Adapts to your style of interaction​

Write your thoughts with the keyboard, use the touchpad to navigate, show your creativity with Surface Slim Pen 2*, do more with your voice with Surface microphones, or just touch to explore. Windows 11 adapts to your style with whatever feels natural to you.
Five ways to interact with a Surface device

Get Windows 11 today​

All new Surface devices[5] pre-loaded with Windows 11 are available for consumers today at Microsoft.com. Commercial customers can purchase devices with Windows 11 by visiting Link Removed or contacting their local authorized reseller. We can’t wait for you to explore the endless possibilities with Surface powered by Windows 11. To learn more about these amazing Windows 11 features on Surface and everything Surface is doing to ease IT complexity in the hybrid world, check out our sessions at Microsoft Ignite.


* Sold separately. [1]. Tactile signals with Surface Slim Pen 2 can be experienced on some applications on Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Pro 8 running Windows 11. Surface Slim Pen 2 sold separately. [2]. Coming soon to Adobe Fresco. [3]. Available colors may vary by market. [4]. Screen size measured diagonally, actual viewing area less. [5]. Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Pro 8, Surface Go 3 and Surface Pro X

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