A key driver needed for CD - DVD drive is missing

To do a total cleanup of my laptop and reinstall Win 7 32bit.

It is a:

Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M6400.

But a problem immediately with the error message:

"A key driver needed for CD - DVD drive is missing"

Then just my DVD / CD may malfunction (rails sometimes with CDs), I thought
the fault lay there.

Made a bootable usb, changed boot order via the F12 but may
exactly the same error message still

Googled around a bit and find many people who get the same error.
But this will then stop when I do not really understand what the problem is.

And have not found anyone who has a solution to the problem without more proposals for updating
Driver / business software for DVD / CD player (updated)

Others have suggested that you should disconnect the DVD / CD player entirely.
Someone speaks about the jumper.

Etc. ...

Now I know soon not sure how I should do anymore.
Is used to reformat / reinstall everything from 3.11 (a hundred years ago), Win 95, 98, ME, XP.
However, not Vista.

Much of the support is in English and here I get a little difficult with
Judgement technical terms .. unfortunately.

So the sum of my problem then is that I now sit with a bootable USB with Win 7 but will not be one meter ahead anyway.
I also have windows disc but it does not work.

What is known. malfunctioning unit should then be this, I think:
Firma Ware is uppdated.

Thanks in advance.

A//from Sweden


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Hi A/,

you say the firmware is updated but do you know which version? I found this one: Drivers and Downloads

Failing that and apologies if this has also been mentioned, what about the SATA drivers? Some aren't contained within 7 and have to be installed via a USB drive or floppy.

Drivers & Downloads

Have used the A110, A05 version.

No. Have not updated the sata drivers. Not sure which ..: (
Nice of you to help me! :)

Harddrive is Seagate ST9320423ASG.
But why should I update the hard drive if it is CD / DVD that I get the error on?
Or is the sata drivers for my CD / DVD?
Excuse my stupid questions: /

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