Windows 10 Cannot access external DVD drive in Windows Explorer


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Lenovo ideapad 330
Windows 10 Vers 21H2
Asus USB external DVD-RW

My laptop has recently stopped being able to access the USB DVD drive through File Explorer. The drive shows up in explorer but I cannot write to, or read from, it. I cannot transfer data files to it as I used to or Format it.
If I insert a DVD disk with files on which I know is OK, it says "Windows can't read the disk in drive D"
I have uninstalled and re-installed the device driver.
Deleted ATAPI in registry and rebooted to reinstall it
I have tested the DVD drive on another PC and it is working fine.


I can burn a video to the DVD using third party software (I use DVDflick)
I can view the movie OK (Using VLC media player)
I can see the the Audio_TS & Video_TS file in Windows Explorer.

What is stopping me from tranferring data to and from the DVD if I can burn & watch videos on it.
Is the DVD itself a DVD±R or ±RW? If it is a ±RW, you perhaps need to reformat it before being able to write to it again.