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    Windows 10 Optical drive randomly starts spinning when the computer is unused.

    Not that it bothers me, but I have noticed that the DVD drive (UDF live file system DVD inserted) randomly started spinning after the computer was not touched for many hours. It happens repeatedly. It does not bother me, I would just like to know what Windows does when accessing the disk.
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    Windows 7 DVD Drive not reading

    Hi I have a sony vaio vpcj12L0e computer and I did a clean install a few months ago and now my dvd drive isn't reading dvd's. It is running in Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium.Hope you can help. Thank you.
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    Windows 10 DVD Drive not showing up anywhere

    Hello, my DVD drive is not showing up in computer, device manager, or even the BIOS. My current OS is Windows 10. I had to reset my PC due to the taskbar freezing up. The DVD drive was fine before the reset. But after I did the reset, my DVD drive went missing from everywhere. I can still press...
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