DVD Drive not reading

Hi I have a sony vaio vpcj12L0e computer and I did a clean install a few months ago and now my dvd drive isn't reading dvd's. It is running in Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium.Hope you can help. Thank you.

When you did the clean install of your OS.....did you reinstall all necessary drivers?


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did you perhaps change the region code to watch a movie from overseas?


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I think bassfisher means "motherboard drivers" and those would be from Sony website and specifically "chipset driver".

You could go to Sony official website and find to download proper driver. If you think this procedure is too complex, it is highly recommended that you can use a program named Driver Talent. This is a professional driver updater software and helped me much. Wish to help you as well.


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I would never recommend any of those driver updaters. Professional literally means paid for
so that doesn't do anything for me.

I would never recommend any of those driver updaters. Professional literally means paid for
so that doesn't do anything for me.
OK, I agree that this kind of software is not always good for everyone especially those skilled, just like you, but it must help many people like me and those who are less knowledgeable than me. And it is free to scan which latest version you need to update. Therefore, you totally could get useful information without paying for and download from manufacture website. For me, it is a worthwhile investment to help me to save my time and energy. No one forces you and I think my choice is correct.


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Well I have to disagree. Years ago we all got in the habit of being the first to update drivers the minute new ones became available.
But through all that we all began to realize a new driver should be something that handles an issue we have with hardware and if we have none, no need to worry as simply updating drivers because they are available really makes no sense and endangers good running systems.
In short "if it aint broke don't fix it" is the way most of us feel these days as we have all seen new video and audio drivers come through Windows Update and hose systems so for the newbie I think the best thing is fix when needed as they are the ones who will suffer the most trying to come back from failures that can easily happen.
The other thing I worry about is how those guys support themselves as most try real hard to load unsuspecting users up with useless bloatware they can make money on.

Well, don't worry about that. There is demand there is market.

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