DVD RW laser address location eratic


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Okay so if my heading isn't clear, what my DVD drive is doing is it's managing to read the disk but is really noisy and slow. It sounds like the laser is moving back and forth constantly (as if two or more programs were trying to access different parts of the disk at the same time but it does this even if I have no programs open besides those in the task bar, even if I close the autorun prompt).

When the drive started doing this I thought it must be the disk but found this wasn't the problem. I ran system restore and this fixed the problem (I think) but it was soon back on it's own. I tried to undo the system restore and this didn't work. I then tried to restore to the same point and this time it didn't work.

I'm thinking this may be a corrupt driver issue. I tried uninstalling the drive and windows reinstalled it automatically. This didn't work. Does anyone know how to completely remove the driver from the system so windows downloads it again?

Of course if anyone has any other ideas I'd like to hear them too. I'm pretty sure I had this problem years ago, I think in windows XP. I think removing the driver then and reinstalling seemed to work but in Windows 7 the driver either doesn't seem to be uninstalled properly (this could be the problem as the reinstall seems really quick) or else the file which windows is reinstalling from is corrupt, if it's the driver.



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Geez, no replies :) I was hoping for something by now.
I wanted to mention, if I boot up in safe mode I don't have this problem. Troubleshooting ideas?