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    Observations on SATA-to-USB adapters. Some adapters do not work with all optical drives.

    I would like to share some observations regarding SATA-to-USB adapters. Two types of adapters There appear to be two kinds of SATA-to-USB adapters: Those who mainly use USB as primary power source and those who mainly use an external DC adapter as primary power source. The former kind (USB as...
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    Windows 10 How to identify which process accesses the optical drive?

    After inserting a Blu-ray data disc (BD-R), an unknown background process accesses the disc even when I am doing nothing. It even happens when deactivating the real-time protection feature of Windows Defender. Existing tools such as the task manager and the third-party tool "Process Hacker"...
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    How to limit Blu-ray disc writing speed in Windows Explorer to the same speed as the reading speed?

    When I put files onto a Blu-ray disc through Windows Explorer (which uses UDF 2.60 for its Live File System), it writes at the drive's full writing speed. Throughout the writing process, Windows Explorer intermittently reads data, apparently the directory listing to check whether files were...
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    Windows 10 Windows Update messing up CD functionality?

    Seems to me that since the "print nightmare" Windows Updates earlier this month, I have had issues with 2 laptops. The old one was starting to have other issues, but what sealed the deal is that I could not get Windows to recognize a music CD in File Explorer, nor did it show up in Media Monkey...