How to limit Blu-ray disc writing speed in Windows Explorer to the same speed as the reading speed?


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When I put files onto a Blu-ray disc through Windows Explorer (which uses UDF 2.60 for its Live File System), it writes at the drive's full writing speed. Throughout the writing process, Windows Explorer intermittently reads data, apparently the directory listing to check whether files were successfully written.

Since the writing speed is above the reading speed on the BE14NU40 Blu-ray drive (14× write and 12× read for BD-R), the drive perpetually slows down for reading and then ramps up to full speed for writing. The drive may randomly limit reading speed further down to ×6 for unknown reasons, meaning the reading speed is less than half of the writing speed. The disc spins up, down, up, down. Not only does that make an annoying sound, it impedes the writing process significantly, and also increases wear and tear to the motor. If it stayed at a constant speed, the writing process would be smooth and not take half as long.

How can one limit the writing speed on Windows Explorer?

I tried using the speed control tool RimhillEx, but that only affects reading speed. In fact, I can set reading speed to the minimum while writing speed is still at maximum. This causes the majority of the time being wasted on accelerating to top speed rather than writing data.

(Side note: I know, "Windows Explorer" has been renamed to "file explorer", but Windows Explorer is a more specific name, therefore I will refer to it as such.)