Windows Update messing up CD functionality?


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Seems to me that since the "print nightmare" Windows Updates earlier this month, I have had issues with 2 laptops. The old one was starting to have other issues, but what sealed the deal is that I could not get Windows to recognize a music CD in File Explorer, nor did it show up in Media Monkey 5. So I assumed it was a hardware issue, though strangely the drive would play a DVD just fine!

So I got a new laptop this week. One of the first things I did was to port my Media Monkey music library from the old computer to the new one. I played a New Order CD and it worked fine. Then I went and did all the Windows Updates I was "supposed to" do. Guess what? Same damn thing happened on the new machine. I stuck a music CD in. It acknowledged in the upper right portion of the pane in File Explorer that there is a CD-ROM and it asks what files do you want to move to a disc, listing just desktop.ini . Then in MediaMonkey when I clicked on the CD drive it would say drive or disc (one of the 2) is not accessible. FreeDB (which MM uses instead of Gracenote to identify music) would not acknowledge anything was in there. And the ripping option actually came up with a window that listed how many tracks, but I got no titles for tracks or the album, just generic info -- I didn't attempt to use that as who wants to type in everything when we know the program should be able to do it.

So I looked stuff up and followed some advice on how to reset the drive and the drivers and the registry. Sadly I wound up with a Windows stop screen and then had to revert to factory settings and reinstall my programs again. I have been holding off on doing any Windows updates because I don't want to go through this again!

Anyone have advice? I assume it's more of a Windows problem. But if it's happened on 2 different laptops for me, I have to wonder if it's happened with anyone else, and what may be the solution? I think a recent Windows Update messed up the driver but I am not a supergeek.