Please help me with that virus

Today i tried to install camtasia app to my windows 10 notebook.After i click the installer i realized it was a virus.First command prompt popped up and it said "explorer.exe restricted to access" or something like that i am using my OS in turkish so i dont know what the exact translation is.And a google chrome page in youtube popped up labelled "Ufo porno" i was unable to exit or doing something.I restarted the computer after reboot.My local disks optical disk devices archives and quick access on the sidebar was gone.Also some icons on my desktop was gone as well.That virus is preventing me from doing anything such as openning task manager, regedit, openning any folder if i try to do i am getting "access restricted by the administrator" error.I am the administrator and have only one account on my pc.Please help me i have almost 300 gb of pics vids and music file


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Also try Malwarebytes free!

You may have problems running these if the virus interfere with them.

If so come back.



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Also make sure you are downloading software from the software manufacturer directly. Camtasia does not contain malware, so if you torrented this software, or downloaded it illegally, or downloaded it from one of those shady sites that was not (the creator of the software) then that is most likely the reason you are dealing with this issue now.


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Josephur has a real point.

If a software is popular then many other websites will make it available to download, just to get you to their web page.
A lot of these have questionable reasons for doing so, mainly to slip adware onto your system, but sometimes it's stuff that's harmful and very had to get rid of.

So if you want to download Malwarebytes for example, do as Josephur said and get it from the people who make it.

In this case....

Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, & Anti-Malware Software

So be very careful where you download things from.


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Viruses today are insidious. Even the best anti virus software can, not only fail, but be used to produce false results by hackers.

Advice for a all , when you are suspicious of a Trojan or virus attack - put your image back on (You did make one, of course??))


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Hi again.

If you do have a system image, restoring it is probably the easiest way to recover your computer.
I'm guessing that you don't, not enough people do this.

If all ease fails you could try saving your photos by creating a Ubuntu disk on another computer and using it to boot your computer.

It should give you access to your files and let you copy them to an external hard drive or to DVDs.

I did this successfully when my wife's sister's computer was infected.
We were able to save her files to a DVD before using a factory reset to clean her computer.

Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu

If you don't have a 64 bit computer make sure you select the 32 bit version.
The 32 bit version will work on either 32 or 64 bit computers.

I always have a Ubuntu disk laying around in case of emergencies.


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