1. force055

    webroot troyan SETUPBDS.EXE

    My virus application (webroot ) gitriggers a warning regarding a potential troyan on a file named: SETUPBDS.EXE is anyone familliar with this file? i can find SETUPBD.exe and SETUPPBD.EXE online, but nothing about SETUPBDS.EXE Thnx in advance. -Kevin
  2. C

    Windows Defender Firewall allowed apps list is full of rdp port 13389

    So the tittle pretty much explains it. I had to allow an app through my firewall which for a while now has been very slugish. My Firewall is super slow and almost always freezes when I try to do anything with it. After my allowed app list finally loaded it was full of RDP port 13389 again and...
  3. Redsona

    Windows 10 Malware aftermath

    So I accidently ran an app I never meant to download, I got it off my computer but windows is still looking for it every time I load windows. Is there any way I can stop this from happening? This pops up when windows boots: Thanks!
  4. Artificial Asian

    Windows 10 Program named Uninstall?

    I recently was uninstalling a program but when i searched uninstall in the start menu a program showed up named Uninstall with no options other than to run. The thumbnail is a red X and i cant find any info on what it is or if i can get rid of it or whatever
  5. T

    How do things like malware, spyware and trojans get onto computer?

    How do things like malware, spyware and trojans get onto computer? Opening dodgy email attachmens or running executable files downloaded off the internet - ok, I get it. I understand the concept of an infected executable file. But except for that? How can stuff like possibly that get onto...
  6. R

    Windows 7 IDP.alexa.51 removal help?

    I have found (IDP.alexa.51) on my computer and AVG is saying that it has infected powershell.exe. I have also found out that powershell itself in not infected, there is a bat file and another file called "383d1.36D560" that is responsible for it. They replicate itself when a deletion is...
  7. ksuthayya

    Windows 10 MyStarting123 Browser Hijacker - Just can't delete, TRIED EVERYTHING

    Hi, My PC was infected with some Malware a couple of days ago and since then I've just been scanning and deleting unwated programs and software. No matter which anti-virus/anti-malware programs I use to scan and then quarantine and delete the infected files, the damn Mystarting123...
  8. K

    Windows 10 [SOLVED] Lucky Starting Virus?

    I can't seem to find help online on how to remove this Lucky Starting Virus. It changes my Chrome browser homepage to a Lucky Starting webpage as the name implies. I downloaded Malwarebytes and it removed infected files but after 1 day it came back. Can anyone please help?
  9. PickyBiker

    Windows 10 File corruption

    Something is corrupting files on my computer by putting 3 unprintable bytes at the beginning of some files. The characters are unprintable and the hex values are always the same, EF, BB, and BF There are over two hundred files like this on my system. Most of the affected files have the...
  10. J

    Windows 10 Quixxxx.tmp directories on root

    I have all these directories starting with Qui...tmp on one of my laptops. about 20-30 of them, all empty. I get nothing via google. Anyone ever seen this?
  11. Brunette

    Windows 8 Virus/malware?

    Hi everyone, Today my computer started working very slowly and I couldn't open Malwarebytes anymore. When I, later today, tried to get it out of sleep mode, it shut itself off. When I tried to reboot, it shut itself off again. The second time it worked though, and everything seemed normal...
  12. A

    Windows 8 Mouse keys, both keys do the same action after virus removal

    Hi! It was a some kind of virus on a computer and noone of the keys was working properly(could only switch between windows by clicking and nothing more), both (left and right) shows menu now after removing the virus. It is an Acer laptop with Windows 8. How to reset or configure them to work as...
  13. Mugsy

    Windows 7 HELP! Windows won't boot. Not even Safe Mode. Repair doesn't see Windows installation! Fixboot error

    I must have been struck by a nasty virus. When I boot my computer, I get a screen with the following message instead: "Info: the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible." I can't boot in Safe Mode. Windows is not found. I booted my Win7 install DVD and went into...
  14. E

    Windows 7 blue screen actin weird....??

    Hello I am having so much trouble currently.... So th one that is acting weird is the blue screen.. and I am not sure if this is a virus or not. So... 1, my friend got her mail hacked. 2, she sends me weird files and I open them accidentally 3, so they download 4, I go to the control panel and...