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Think I have a virus, vmmem


New Member
Feb 14, 2023
My computer was running slow and hot, and I noticed that a process called vmmem was using 85-99% of my CPU at all times. I ran wsl --shutdown in the command line, and shut down my computer. Now, my CPU is running at a more normal level, but I'm concerned that I have a virus on my computer. I know how to code, and I'm not afraid of doing hard work to get to the bottom of this issue. I'm most concerned because when I tried to shut down the process from Task Manager, it said I didn't have permission. How should I proceed, and ensure I don't have a virus(es)?
Do you have Windows Subsystem for Linux installed? That is most likely what it is.
It will use more CPU if you don't have enough RAM. If you're running something resource intensive it will use a lot of resources. That is my best guess without knowing your system specs or specific use case.
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Easiest way to tell if its WSL is to shutdown WSL and see if the problem goes away.