Upgrading Windows from broken older version


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I have a genuine product key of Windows 7 but don't have its copy (DVD/ISO image). In this case, is it possible and lawful to install Windows 8 from a genuine copy of "Windows 8 Upgrade"? I don't want to buy the full version since it's a bit more expensive.


P.S. So here's the whole story: I purchased my laptop "Panasonic Japan Let'snote J10" in Japan. The laptop doesn't have an optical drive but it has "Windows 7 Japanese" and a "Windows recovery program (partition)" stored in its hard drive. And neither Windows 7 nor the recovery program works--but oddly enough, scandisk doesn't detect any error in the hard drive. Linux in the same hard drive has been working perfectly, which implies that the hardware is healthy.


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Yes, it's legal to do so. Since your existing installation is not functional, I recommend that you do a clean install to make sure that any problems you are currently experiencing don't get propagated to the new install. Here's a link to help you do a clean install using the Win 8 upgrade media: http://lifehacker.com/5984278/how-to-do-a-clean-install-of-windows-8-with-an-upgrade-disc

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