file explorer

  1. D

    The Recycle Bin on ... is corrupt.

    Hi all, I am really hoping you can help me as I am so close to ripping my hair out! I have searched on google and my issue seems to be a little different to others... I am getting these four errors messages below: The Recycle Bin on \\SERVER\~ is corrupt. Do you want to empty the recycle bin...
  2. Granger

    Glitching Windows 10 UI

    Recently my Windows UI has been glitching out. For instance, when I'm in file explorer, the assets will duplicate themselves and spread all over the screen making a hardly usable mess. I have low disc space on my C: drive right now so that might be the cause but I wanted to make sure about it...
  3. R

    Slow file explorer fast open file dialog

    Windows 7 SP1, all updates through 10/2017. [This system is an HTPC running Windows Media Center, thus the reason I've not moved it forward.] Recently (within the last few months), I've noticed that using File Explorer is extremely slow. Dramatically slower than it used to be. However, File...
  4. K

    Help deleting quick links in file explorer

    I just installed an update for my computer and have this issue where there are extra quick selection links in my file explorer and they are blank. Does anyone know what is causing this and how to fix this? I have scanned my computer for any viruses and it is clean. I am running 64 bit windows...
  5. Jaap Verhage

    How to get rid of the little pop-up window while dragging in File Explorer

    Hello everyone, I'm sure this is laughably simple to fix, but I just can't find it anywhere. When I drag a file or folder in Windows 10 File Explorer, a little pop-up window appears as soon as the mouse pointer hovers over a folder. The mini-window contains the name of the folder. All the...
  6. J

    Windows 10 File Explorer Possibility

    Hello everyone, So I a fairly new to windows, coming from mac, and I think windows is brilliant. However, one of the things that I loved with macs/osx was the finder. When in finder (mac's file explorer), when you click in a folder, it will reveal its contents on the side to its right, linking...
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