A word of warning to parents


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I do buy and sell, pure business, and I have this rather rare collection, a promotion pack for a movie about Mannerheim that never made it in the end. But there's unique material in it.

I was contacted by a woman, who wanted to buy. It was all adult, "Get from work at 4 O'clock"... After some text messages, she never showed up. She wanted to buy it to her war veteran grandpa, and I, as an officer, lowered the price.

A week later HIS mother contacted me, with apologies about her SON'S behavior. Turned out it wasn't a woman, but an eight year old boy! How do you check age in Internet commerce?

No bad feelings, but this could prove a case of how easy it is to get hold of kids, going reverse. I'm not a pedophile, or anything, I almost feel guilty about this, though I did nothing. But to entice, or give the possibility, burdens me.

We need to give our children safety. Not just of a Driftwood.



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You just never know huh... Wow 8yrs old, the little bugger!


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Well, he actually has that grandpa, with the birthday. He did want to give a present. Why he acted as another is a mystery, not for me to solve. Had he been himself, I might have done what I thought of all the time, and what I finally did: I gave the pack as a gift to "papa", to show my appreciation of honor of years he spent on the front... he lost a leg there, I found out.

So, it's a true story, the child just got it all wrong. He wanted to make it right, without proper means. Children often take responsibility for actions of their elders, actions they have never partaken with. Can't blame them, hopefully I can understand them.

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