Acer Aspire 6920G vs Win7

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    Ok, so i tried installing Win 7 RC1 on an external HDD, but got following problems:
    1. on eSATA it wouldn't see it, as i assume the drivers for the controller are loaded after booting, during windows startup (if any one knows a workaround for this, something as a startup flash drive for loading the drivers, pls share)
    2.on usb, it doesn't want to install to the drive, as it says it can' be installed on usb storage devices - stupid limitation.
    so, question: can you, under any circumstances, install Win7 to an external HDD?
    (i assume that any eHDD is by default bootable if the mobo supports usb booting)
    which brings me to my second question: how many internal sata ports does the Acer Aspire 6920G have? (more than 2? - as i am willing to plug the eHDD directly into one)

    ok, status update:
    managed to install win7 to eHDD through eSata. had just to pack the driver on a flash disk and load it before setup. still whined about "might not be bootable", but worked like a charm, installed flawlessly. restart.
    problem 1: on eSata link, after selecting win7 as OS to run, it can't find the disk (no driver/bios suppot obviously)
    so i hooked it up on usb. it starts loading win7, and then the bsod flashes for 1ms.
    restart in safe mode. starts loading files. hangs up on disk.sys. bsod.
    that's how far i made it. so, could i possibly make a startup disk/flash so that i could load the drivers before win7 starts loading?
    or any other ideas?
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