Windows 7 Windows installer finds no any drivers.


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PC : Acer aspire M5700, Windows Vista, I installed Windows 7 Pro. in 2009.
CD: Bought Windows 7 Pro. DVD install disc in 2010 & install Win 7 on M5700.
Use: Not much, 4 to 5 hrs a day, editing photographs, 2010~2015. Then a standby PC storing backup files.

A moth ago, started having start up issues, had to tap on the on/off switch many times to start, and sometimes it would not start. Had both the MB & PSU replaced about 10 days ago. The MB was the same make & model, G45T AM2 V:1.0 as the OEM one. But PSU was different. The original one was a Liteon 6301-08Ak, replaced by RM650x. Both of them were second hand. Everything was set up normally for testing.
1st test. The HDD was connected to the 2nd SATA power connector on the longer peripheral cable, the PC did not start.
2nd test. Had the HDD connected to one of the SATA power connector on the shorter peripheral cable, the PC started & ran normally for a day.
3rd test. Had the HDD connected back to the longer cable, inserted into the 3rd connector & power on, "pia" a burst, the HDD was burnt.
4th test. Changed a HDD & connected it to the shorter ODD cable & tried to install OS, installer found no any drivers & showed no HDD info.
5th test. With the original MB, RM650x, another formatted HDD, and had the HDD connected to the ODD cable, and tired to install OS. Again, installer said it found no drivers and showed no HDD data.

How to find the drivers and how to install them, please?

Thank you.