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    Running Dell Dock On A Acer Computer

    So one day i heard about Dell Dock and i got interested in it i wanted to see how much different it was from rocket dock so i ran it and it said: You must be on a Dell computer to use the Dell Dock And I Wanted To Compare Docks I need help please
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    Windows 10 Microphone not working

    I apologize if this thread is long, but I am going to give as much information as possible. My PC is an Acer Aspire TC-780, and my current headphones are Turtle Beach Recon 150 Over-Ear Gaming Headset (which have a detachable mouthpiece as the microphone). My issue is that no matter what...
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    w7 freezing software programs (not responding)

    Hi community, First of all, if this subforum is not the correct one, let me know so that I can change it. Despite the many posts about the same issue, I haven’t found any ‘how to post about’ post for this type of problem, so I think it’s better to attach the following and wait to see if some...
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    New Laptop, Connecting Old Hard Drive, Error Message "Driver Door My Be Open"

    Hello, I just got a Lenovo G50 Touch today after my five year old Acer Aspire 5742 was dropped. After it was dropped and worked for a few hours I shut the old girl down. The next day when I went to use the Aspire I received a boot up error message "Disc Cannot be Read." After talking to Geek...
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    Acer 5560 USB 2.0 ports intermittently changes to 1.0

    My Acer 5560 laptop has developed a USB speed problem. When I boot up, my external USB 3.0 HD is connected to a standard enhanced host controller (usb 2.0 driver) and initially works fine. Then for some strange reason the port changes to a standard OpenHCD controller (usb 1.0 driver) and I get...