Windows 10 Lost SSD in W-10.


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Jul 1, 2017
I have an ACER laptop that has died on me. The 2M SSD is blank. This happened as I was updating the machine with MS Updates. It never ran again after 6 hours of the little marbles going round and round. This is a UEFI booter. Can anybody here reload the OS for me. Acer only shows W-11. I could post the 2M SSD to you and really redeem all expenses. This would be greatly appreciated.
This machine has never honoured the F12, boot from USB. Keep this in mind. Also, how to format the process to UEFI ? Have a turkey. JP.

1st no don't post anything and no you can't load an os without the rest of the computer

Did it come Windows 10 or 11 when you payed for it?

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It came with W-10 but using UEFI booting. How does one format a disk in UEFI ?
Would it be possible to load the OS using another computor ? I have three here. I have been doing clones for the last 12 years, I have a Win-10 capable machine here, but I need to be able to format to UEFI. This Acer lappy came so formatted.
What do you mean/ imply by : 1st no don't post anything ?
Thanks for coming on. J.