The touch pad on my Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53 is unresponsive.


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It's completely unresponsive with no sign of any signal. I'm convinced it's a driver issue because the computer seems to recognize it as IC2-HID. Here's the list of things I've already tried:

-Uninstall IC2-HID driver and reinstall.
-Uninstall IC2-HID driver and install the one from Acer's website
-Uninstall Serial IO drivers and installed them from Acer's website
-Factory Reset the computer
-Replaced the physical mousepad.

Here are a few images that might help with the problem.
Device Manager View
IC2-HID Properties
Drivers and resets are at the Windows software level. The touchpad could be disabled at the UEFI firmware level if Fn + F7 was pressed. Even replacing the touchpad won't clear that, as the Touchpad On/Off toggle is stored outside the touchpad. If you have Function Lock enabled, it is especially easy to disable the touchpad unintentionally, as it only requires the single key F7. Press Fn + F7 or just F7 to enable the touchpad.