1. N

    Windows 10 SSD Unplugged and Data Lost

    I lost all my data because apparently external ssd's are not hot swappable. Here is how it went: I installed Windows 10 on the SSD and moved all files from the HDD to the SSD while running the OS on the HDD. Then I put the SSD in the laptop hard drive space and booted up, but there were no files...
  2. K

    Windows XP BSOD 7B on new XP installation.

    Situation is I have a client that just purchased some old POS equipment on the cheep. He gives them to me to set up. Unfortunately he bought several XP machines and the POS program only works on Win 7 and up. I have upgraded one of the computers to Win 7 and the POS program works fine...
  3. abrogard

    Windows XP How About Sata Boot Sequence?

    I have this computer, happens to be winXP but that may not be important. Now I understand SATA drives boot in sequence from No. 1. So if you had four boot drives the one it would boot from would be SATA port No. 1. Right? But when I put an extra drive into this computer today it didn't. It...
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