reboots - usually no BSOD (with BSOD history) win 7


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i have a pc that reboots itself sometimes, up to 3-4 times a day - usually no BSOD

used for office - MS office / outlook / plus runs a monitor with security cams (no gaming)

win 7 pro
I7 6700k
Asus strix z270g gaming
gSkill 16gb f4-3200
gtx 1070 ti 8gb
1tb ssd
2tb sata
8gb sata

done basic memory & cpu tests without error
i've changed corsair PSU from cx600 to rm650x (2018) after reading around the net - but issue persists.

any suggestions other than a clean install? here are the recent BSODs (also zipped as spreadsheet if you want to sort the data)


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Apologies as I've only just seen your post.

If your running Norton AV try removing as a test. I see it above in the dumps and it's known to cause bsod on occasion.

Have you tested your RAM? You have a number of memory management 1a dumps which can point to dodgy RAM.

Test your RAM using Memtest86: How To Test Memory Using MemTest86