Move from SATA HD to NMVE

I have a laptop joined to a domain (windows 10). I'm part of Administrators group but not Domain Admins.
Such laptop has a 2.5'' mechanical hard drive (500 GB) encrypted by bitlocker and it's quite slow.
It has 3 partitions: the first is Windows RE, the second is system reserved about 500 MB and the last is C drive. The disk is MBR.
I have a Samsung 500 GB NMVE M.2 module, I'm asking if I can migrate from the hard drive to M.2.



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Change drives is going to change all the volume information so it could potentially not work.

You should be able to decrypt it yes with the manage-bde command I would suggest working with IT though as bitlocker is probably requirement and you could be jeopardizing your job by doing it yourself.


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IMPO.....when changing drives a clean install it best.

That said, you will have to decrypt the HDD first no matter what you do. Then once decrypted you can either clone (which I'm personally against) or backup your personal data and then do a clean install. With windows 10, all drivers should get installed so no worries there.
Ok. I cannot do a clean installation as it is joined to a domain and I'm not allowed to join PCs (no permission to do that). I will decrypt the C partition then I will move to NMVE SSD. Thank you