SSD Upgrade issue - New drive not recognized by Marvell controller


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Running an ASUS P6X58D Premium MB. MB has a 6.0 GBs Marvell 9123 adapter with 2 ports. Also has 6 Intel SATA ports 3.0 GB. Bought a Crucial MX500 SSD 1TB drive. The controller does not recognize the Crucial SSD Drive. I was already running an older drive on the Marvell Adapter and it is working fine.

Looking at the Device Manager under Storage devices I see "Intel Chipset SATA Raid Controller" and "Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller". I do not see the Marvell adapter.

Scratching my head on what could be wrong. DO I need a special driver? Any thoughts?


Leo Showers

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Sorry to necro this thread, but is this still the 'fix' to this issue? Having exactly the same problem installing a Crucial MX500 on a P55A Fuzion with 2 Marvell SE9128 SATA 3 ports. Any help would be amazing, thankyou!