1. X

    Observations on SATA-to-USB adapters. Some adapters do not work with all optical drives.

    I would like to share some observations regarding SATA-to-USB adapters. Two types of adapters There appear to be two kinds of SATA-to-USB adapters: Those who mainly use USB as primary power source and those who mainly use an external DC adapter as primary power source. The former kind (USB as...
  2. S

    Windows 10 Wi-Fi problem

    So I have a dell Inspiron with windows 10 installed. For months my issue seems to possibly be the WiFi adapter. Once connected to WIFI everything works normal. A few minutes later, I lose connection and every WiFi connection (besides the one I’m connected to) disappears from the connections...
  3. Enfinite

    Windows 8 Windows 8 bsod error.

    I was using my computer one day and the blue screen popped up with this message "Your PC has ran into a problem. The bottom text with the specific error was"VIDEO TDR Failure (nvlddmkm.sys) I can reach the boot menu and safe mode but I dont have the windows 8 disk. After unplugging everything...
  4. H

    Windows 10 Wireless stops working after connecting iPad to PC

    Hello, I'm facing a really strange problem. I have two wireless network adapters on my Desktop PC, and two Windows OS's, 7 and 10. I am facing the exact same issue in every situation. As soon as I plug in the iPad via USB to the computer, the WiFi dies, and no troubleshooting works. The...