Cant Find ETHERNET CONTROLLER DRIVER online to download to my USB and open on my desktop PC.


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Ok. i accidentally deleted my driver for my ETHERNET CONTROLLER and have been looking online all over the place to find one.
Reason I'm looking for one is cause I've tried everything else and this seems like the logical solution.
i must have downloaded 100 drivers because i can't find the one for my PC. I've tried downloading Unknown device identifier but even with the name i still couldn't find it. or maybe i did but i didn't see it lol. if anyone could try finding it that would be a lot of help and i can try giving as much information as possible.

Unknown device identifier name:
@System32\drivers\pci.sys,#512, Ethernet Controller [UNKNOWN DEVICE]

Hardware Ids PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_859E1043&REV_11

If more information needed let me know. although i think i should say and im not sure if its necessary but i have a bluetooth wifi adapter that connect from my WIFI box to the bluetooth adapter thing with an ethernet cable. then that bluetooths to another bluetooth adapter in my room that connects into my pc with another ETHERNET cable

I Probably explained that really weird but basically its called ZYXEL. model number: PLA5405 v2

Thats it i hope this helps and i hope someone can help me.