Windows 10 Laptop adaptor and battery


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May 8, 2021
Hello! I've been having a problem with my laptop. The model is ASUS N56VZ , and it's an old computer but good enough for me to check my email and do some work stuff. I haven't been using it lately, so I assumed that the removable battery was getting old. Then just used the cord to plug into the wall and used it without removable battery for quite a while until recently it started shutting down again even without battery inside. When the adaptor isn't plugged into the laptop, it's green light on the adaptor is on as soon as I plug into my Laptop, then light goes off and laptop shuts off. I was wondering what causes this issue? Is it my PC adapter that needs to be replaced or do I need to get a new battery replaced?"


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Could be an overheating issue with the CPU, or could be a bad DC jack on the computer itself.