Seagate Free Agent external hard drive not recognized by Win 7 Ultimate

I recently purchased Seagate External Hard drive of 500 GB The problem is when i connect the external HDD to the front USB ports it does not connect to the computer and when i connect it to the rear USB ports the computer recognizes Seagate Free Agent external HDD by Win 7 Ultimate i just need a solution to connect my external HDD from the front USB port
Please help. My mother board is Intel DH 55TC.


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Your rear USB are directly connected with your motherboard, but your front USB are cable connected via motherboard to case [front USB].

Check the cables. Probably a failure there. Plus, even if your mobo supports USB3, your case may well only support USB2. There may also be a driver issue, look for latest mobo drivers.

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It's also not an uncommon problem on USB drives especially USB powered ones.

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