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Windows 7 Seagate Free Agent External HD: Silver Strip Inside Case: What Is It For, Please ?


Extraordinary Member
Dec 12, 2009

I popped the case off of a Seagate external FreeAgent HD.

Inside there is a thin metallic silvery strip running along one of the edges inside of the case. 6" long.

Has a black and red wire going from it into the drive PC board.
And a yellow and black wire connecting both ends of this strip.

Any idea what this strip is, or is for ?

The label on the HD says: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 750 GB
P/N 9BX156-568

You should check over on the seagate forums. Some brands of these external drives use proprietary connectors and don't connect easily as an internal. Some of them use hardware encryption so connecting as an internal for data recovery is useless.
It might be for the Drive Activity light. I had another model that was like that and designed so the unit could be disassembled by just unplugging the lead.
A long silvery strip sounds like a heat/temperature sensor to me - unless the silvery strip part is just padding protecting wires inside the strip.
Just curious...but could you post some screen shots of the strip in question.