Windows 7 Acronis True image incompatable with build 7201 - back to 7137


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Hi all
Something is definitely changed in build 7201.
The Acronis True Image program no longer works -- blocked due to incompatability issues. (Even if you try and install it in VISTA SP2 compatability mode).

Incidently the "Upgrade compatability check" didn't flag this until AFTER the OS was installed and I tried to run the program.

Now this is a SHOW stopper for me with the amount of testing I'm doing -- I just create and restore images -- saves re-installing the OS and applications when bits of software don't work etc.

The bootable version of Acronis is still fine but too inconvenient to re-boot the system every time I want to make backups.

Reverting back to 7137.

7201 must have been the shortest time I'VE ever had a build on a computer -- not that its bad but my main backup program HAS TO WORK -- 100% showstopper in spite of everything else.

Use the Built-In Backup Image Creator

So, use the built-in backup image creator. Works like a champ for me and can run inside of Win7 without an external disk boot. I've restored from it on two computers so I know it works.:razz: