Windows 7 Add Command line command to right click


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What I am wanting to do is when I right click on a file have an option to run a command.

for example:
-filebot -rename "filename"

This command would execute if I clicked on the option in the right click menu
Hello imanewbe,
to Windows 7 Forums,

This may help; Add Programs To Windows 7 Context Menu -

NOTE: These are Registry Edits, do so at your own risk and please, back it up first.

You may also find useful info @ Tweaks, Guides, and HOWTO page #5
You could also Bing/Google "add executable command to right click menu"

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Hi Adamsappleone

I have added the command to the Registry but all it does is opens the 'Open With'. I have added one key called 'Smart Rename' and this now appears in the context menu. I have then added a sub key which is called 'command' and for the value I have put 'cmd.exe filebot -rename'. Is there something else I need to do to get this to run that command?