Windows 8 Adera won't run

John R Link

New Member
I have Windows 8 Pro 64-bit installed on my Dell XPS with 12 MB RAM. I purchased Adera at the Microsoft store. The game installed but when I click Play the screen goes blank for a few seconds and then it returns to the Microsoft Menu. The game won't initialize. Am I alone with this failure?:upset:

are you using Windows 8 with a local or Microsoft account? I know that this can effect some functionality as the os cannot sync with just a local account.
Did you install win 8 yourself or was it pre-installed?
Sorry for the long delayed response.
I'm logging in with my Microsoft account. Windows was installed over Windows 7 Ultra. Other Windows 9 games work fine. Adera is the only problem encountered with Windows 8.
Thanks for the reply. I also run it well on an HP laptop. It's just on the desktop DELL XPS running Windows 8 Pro that I have this problem.