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I'm using many files in many projects and I need to access from another folders.
The links aren't a solution and libraries are link.
The aim is to have total synchronization of all files in all virtual folders and have the file write only once.
The visualization can't be in the other way, because if I create file in Sub 2, the file have to appear in all virtual folder.
I'm sure the solution exist because the folder "C:\Documents and Settings" gather "C:\current user" and "C:\ProgramData"


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I would suggest using symbolic links, via mklink?


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I've really many files to link, I can't do it manually.
So it's maybe possible to build a .bat file to automate the command.
It will be a long work to refresh all "virtual folders", but I did that for solve :
set path=PathTo\Gather\Sub1
set destination=%cd%
cd %path%
for %%i in (*) do mklink /H "%destination%\%%i" "%path%\%%i"

I need a loop to go to the "Sub2" and do the same.
Thanks for the idea Josephur

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