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Currently, when I installed a theme that I wanted to use(This isn't my first theme I've installed) it changed the theme to basic and when I wanted to use aero, it just changed the background to the normal Windows 7 background. I used the aero fixer provided by Microsoft, but it said Desktop Windows Manager isn't running. But when I checked services.exe it said it was running. Please, I've tried everything, but I think a few registry edits might fix it.
So you have changed back to one of the normal themes and the desktop is still showing in the basic style? You might try selecting the basic style and then going back to an aero theme.
Like I said, I've tried all of the obvious things and went on other forums for suggestions, but all I came up with was a .exe from Microsoft. Is there any Registry that allows Windows to run aero?
"Desktop Windows Manager is disabled. Fix status: Not fixed." I also tried the Index. It just gave me better ratings since it never ran it when I installed my new graphics card a few months ago. But still, no aero.
The DWM.exe is an important part of the system, hard to believe it is not running, but you can check that in msinfo32.exe and look at the Loaded Modules and Running Tasks. It is not listed in the Services Panel. If it isn't running, you might try to start it by double clicking the actual exe file in Windows\System32 folder.

There is another service that provides the DWM.exe startup and maintenance services named Desktop Window Manager Session Manager (UxSms) in the services panel. You might check it and make sure it is running and set to automatic start. In the registry, the starting entry should be in HKLM\system\CurrentControlSet\Services

You might check the Event Viewer to see if any messages are listed concerning the DWM or some component of it.

Have you run a System File Check by using the SFC /scannow in an Administrative Command Prompt window?
Um, is this supposed to be the exe path for UxSms: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted? And the Sfc/scannow stops and ten percent saying "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation."
The folder is for dwm.exe where the desktop manager is.

If SFC can't complete, something may not be running correctly, or it is finding errors that keep it from finishing.

You may want to think about doing a Repair Install if you have a Windows 7 SP1 Install DVD. But if you want, you can copy the CBS.log in the Windows\Logs\CBS to your desktop, then zip it and attach. Be warned, there may be some personal info regarding certain directories or some file names...

If you want to check it, look for errors or something else that might indicate a problem. The part that contains the SFC entries will have a POQ plus a number (POQ XX starts) which might go from 0 to 180, but in your case, might stop around 15.

Did you check msinfo32 and find the dwm.exe module as listed and running?
It worked for a while when I used the CBS.log. But after that it went back to Basic. It says Dwm.exe is running in Task Manager.
I am not clear on what you mean by "it worked for a while when I used the CBS.log". How can you use the CBS.log?

And where in Task Manager are you seeing dwm.exe. I see the UxSms, but that is not dwm.exe.
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