Windows 7 Aero stop responding

aqib khan

New Member
May 5, 2009
Hi all,
i am facing starnge issue today morning.....
my windows effects become too much slow. i ran assessment again, it stops my Aero effects. now
when i change my display resolution it turns on but performance is slow..
Assessment for desktop aero is now 2.0 before today it was 3.5.
i did'nt upgrade any display adapter or install any new program.
can any one helps me in this regards, i'll be very thankful to you...

What are your system specs. Also what build are you using. Also Check that your power settings don't disable your Graphics Adapter.

am using Build 7100. my graphic card specs are X1300 total graphic memory including shared is 830MB.
strange is this, am using aero without any issue before yesterday, now as i low my screen resolution it turns ON.

hi all,
i have solved the issue myself by reinstalling the driver to original state and ressassment of system.
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