Windows 8 alexander: A look at who is likely to use Windows 8

This article seems to mention a lot of historic complaints that users have always had for Microsoft that are not necessarily true.
an example:

"In addition, using the Windows 8 interface on a new PC means having to buy all your software over again. (Windows 8 allows you to switch back to the traditional Windows 7 mode to run your existing software, but that defeats the purpose of buying Windows 8.)"

This comment is inherently misleading. First, there is no "Windows 7 mode" in Windows 8. There is a desktop and a start menu. All versions of Windows since Vista/Longhorn use the same code base and are compatible with each other. The versions of Windows differ in how they run WinXP programs. The Metro OS is best at running Metro apps (of which there are now 1000s) and the desktop is a place where 32-bit programs can run.

Win8 Pro has the same old compatibility settings and Win8 Ultimate comes with an "XP mode" built in. Metro apps work in the Metro environment and traditional 32-bit apps work on the desktop. I have had my current computer setup since I bought Windows Vista. All of my Vista programs run perfectly on Win7 and Win8. This is a very interesting article because it brings up the same bias that was brought against Windows 95, 98SE, 2000, and XP.

It's easy to criticize MS because they don't have a paid "evangelism squad" to combat sloppy journalism and FUD. I guess they figure they don't need one. I have a touchpad on my phone but not on any of my computers and the metro interface works just fine with keyboard shortcuts and "mouse swipes."
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