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Windows 7 All my desktop icons gone


Well-Known Member
Jul 20, 2013
All my icons gone. Ive tried going into my users file in my computer and the icons are there but not on my desktop. Any ideas?
If you have System Restore on with Previous Versions of files enabled, you can simply browse to C:\Users\YourUsername and right click on the Desktop folder, chose the Previous Versions tab and restore files from there.
How to rebuild icon cache?

This issue can occur by corrupted icon cache. To fix the issue, please rebuild icon cache.

1. Click the Start button, and click Computer .

2. On the Tool bar, click Organize and choose Folder and Search Options .

3. Click the View tab, and check to select the Show hidden files and folders option , and click OK .

4. Then, enter the following directory:


5. Find the IconCache.db file, and rename it as IconCache.db.old.

6. Close the window, and restart the computer.

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Icon cache gets corrupted

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For me desktop icons on windows seems moot now thanks to the superbar.
Then again I usually like a clean desktop free of junk, its something we Mac and Linux users can agree on.