Windows 7 Alltel Pantech UM175AL - Here's how I made it work in Windows 7 64bit


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Okay.. is not a tutorial for the noob because I just don't have time to type it up in detail. However, I will say I just spent the past 3 hours trying to figure things out and maybe this will save you some time... It works..

I can't remember if it was VZAcessManager or the Alltel Vista 64bit drivers that I used.. I think I clicked on Setup.exe located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Alltel\QuickLink Mobile\Drivers\UM175 after I installed. (Maybe it was the Verizon one.. I forget.) It created a directory c:\Program Files\Pantech (not x86).

Then, when the UM175AL is plugged in, go to Device Manager, Universal Serial Bus controllers, and check the USB Composite Device listings. Double-click the first USB Composite Device, click Details, and choose Hardware Ids under Property. The USB Enumerator that has VID_106 in it is the device where you need to click Driver, and Update Driver.. Then, point the driver to the Pantech\Pantech UM175AL directory. It will create some new USB devices in Device Manager.. Each one of those need to be pointed to the Pantech\Pantech UM175AL directory.

After this is done.. The driver is installed..

Will the Alltel Connection Manager work??? Hell no.

So.. just use Windows Networking to connect.. In fact, the connection should be listed under network devices..

Anyway.. that's about what I remember.. I didn't really plan on writing a tutorial or anything.. but I did not find anyone else that figured this out on the Internet so I figured I'd post what I can remember I did..

I really wish I could remember exactly what created the c:\program files\Pantech directory.. because Alltel certainly seems to do their best to hide the drivers.

good luck
verizon um150vw for windows 7

thanks for the post, it helped me along to get this modem going.

the vista driver works for windows 7, but it's a bit clumsy getting installed. so i attached the pantech driver folder you'll need for 7. unzip it to your program files folder. go to device manager and find Pantech USB Modem and update the driver from the C:\Program Files\PANTECH\PANTECH USB Modem location. then update the 3 unregistered drivers from the same location.

If you haven't already, you can remove vz access manager from won't connect. but what it does do is create a dialup connection called 'verizon wireless - vz access' and that's what you'll use to connect. find that in your network connections for the first go-round, then it will be in your 'connect to' menu after that. good luck
will it work in 32 bit?

I read with interest the two posts regarding this um175al; I was told it is not compatible with windows 7. Will it work upgrading from vista service pack 2 to 7 home premium? or do i need to do some adjusting?
Verizon Pantech UM175 USB Modem Driver Install for Windows 7 Ultimate

For the UM175 USB Modem, I downloaded the latest VZAccess Manager from Verizon, 7.0.12 (2384a) at Link Removed - Invalid URL. Installed without a hitch.
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