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Windows 7 AMD-World’s First DX11 Graphics Processor


New Member
Jan 16, 2009
At a press conference in Taipei, Taiwan today, AMD publicly demonstrated the world's first Microsoft DirectX 11 graphics processor. The series of demonstrations shed new light on the significantly improved computing experience set to debut at the end of 2009. The fusion of AMD's new ground-breaking graphics processors with the forthcoming DirectX 11 programming interface is set to forever change both applications and PC gaming for the better. To illustrate, AMD showed numerous examples of faster application performance and new game features using the world's first true DirectX 11 graphics processor.

techPowerUp! News :: AMD Demonstrates World’s First Microsoft DirectX 11 Graphics Processor

I was just reading this Loathe, literally 1 minute before you posted it.. :) It is indeed AWESOME!! Way to go AMD! :)
it'll have to shift to beat the Nvidia 300 series with its 512 shader-core