An appearently common Wireless problem

So I've been trying to solve this problem all day, searching the internet for countless frivolous solutions that are completely ineffective. Most people here seem to be pretty educated on the subject, so I finally joined to see if maybe I could get some help from you guys.

I've just installed Windows 7, because I was told it was really good. And it seems to be, except that I cannot connect to the internet at all. My Belkin Wireless G card worked perviously when I was using XP, and it appears to work now, as the connection picks up the signals in the area, and even my own Linksys router. When I attempt to connect however, It takes a minute before telling me "Identifying... (Linksys)" : No internet access". Which soon becomes "Unidentified Network: No internet Access". I have looked for the Bonjour service in my services list, turned off the IPv6, disabled/enabled, reset my router, and none of this has worked. If anyone has any solution of any kind, I would be enternally greatful!

I would really love to use windows 7, but if I cannot connect to the internet, there isn't much point :confused:

I also posted this in the wireless section, but no one has said anything, so I think I may have put it in the wrong place :\

I'd GREATLY appreciate the help.

Thanks anyway to whomever may have thought of helping, but I've decided to rollback. Mods can close this thread now

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