An update from the Avast Threat Labs on WannaCry

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Mar 21, 2017
Jakub Kroustek from the Avast Threat Labs has written a nicely detailed blog on the aftermath of WannaCry -- what some are calling the worst ransomware outbreak in history. We're proud to have kept over 250,000 Avast users protected during the outbreak; our threat labs also urge user education and keeping systems up to date in addition to having other security layers in place.

The writeup has some interesting details I didn't find covered elsewhere, it was a really interesting "inside look" from the experts. For example, the WannaCry "impersonators" that are already cropping up, how the virus spread, the discovery of the kill switch, etc.

For anyone curious, you can find more info on how Avast protects against ransomware here and here. Happy to answer any questions!
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