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Anders wanted to hear from you to get a sense of what's on your mind with respect to C#. We asked you for questions and, as usual, you delivered -> this is your interview, Niners.
Thanks for the great questions. Special thanks to Anders for taking an hour out of his insanely busy schedule to answer your questions.
Anders Hejlsberg: Questions and Answers (click on a link below to get Anders' answer):
03:16 exoteric -> When is Async not appropriate to use?
05:29 exoteric -> How long before the Async "virus" permeates all of .NET?
07:23 rhm -> Did you consider implementing a more general language facility to implement Async?
12:24 felix9 -> The TouchStudio guys have discovered that the touch UI or NUI has unique tooling needs, any thought on that front?
14:10 AdamSpeight2008 -> Will and C# ever have the ability to discriminate methods with the same input type signature but different return types?
16:10 SteveRichter -> What do you think about dependency properties in WPF (and in general...)?
19:18 mikebmcl -> Has the C# language team ever considered or would they consider adding a way to use custom logic with automatically implemented properties?
21:16 ktr -> With the future addition of "compiler as a service" are there any plans for possible support for metaprogramming?
23:13 felix9 -> How could Roslyn serve us 'coders' better directly?
26:10 Charles -> How much can you do with CaaS?
27:37 felix9 -> Programming language design, Delphi's impact on .NET, etc.
29:42 Bas -> My two questions would be: why the beef with optional parameters when they so elegantly bring that whole block down to the essence of it, and more in general, what ways does he see to reduce the amount of ceremony in future versions of C#?
31:47 Richard.Hein -> Thoughts on C# higher kind types?
33:52 Ian2 -> Can you conceive of a time when you don't have to write code to build software?
36:55 JoshRoss -> .NET on x86 versus ARM...
38:48 Richard.Hein -> Are there features in other languages that make you jealous?
40:15 Charles -> What do you think about JavaScript, from a language designer's perspective?
45:10 Dr Herbie -> As C# grows and ages do you miss the simplicity of first version?
47:07 Dr Herbie -> Do you think C# is a complete language or do you spend time thinking about what's missing?
49:00 Charles -> What do you think about C++?
51:32 Steve Richter -> Difference between explicit type casting and the as operator?
53:39 exoteric -> What inspires you?
56:38 aL -> What do you think about expanding the c# event syntax for better composability/interop with things like Async/Rx?
1:00:00 aL -> What features would you like to remove from C# as it is today?
1:02:41 Charles -> why did you choose "unsafe" for the name of unsafe block?


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