Windows 7 Announcing the Official Release of Rx!

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    You've learned a lot about Rx (Reactive Extensions) on C9 over the years. You've seen Rx go from incubation stage to DevLabs project to having a happy home on the MSDN Data Developer Center.
    Today, we're very pleased to announce that Rx is now officially official with the final V1 release! [​IMG]
    Rx V1 will ship as a stable release with professionally-written technical documentation, developer samples and...ready? Product support!! [​IMG]
    Since Rx is written and maintained by Erik Meijer's team you can imagine that there will continue to be innovation and experimentation at a quick pace. The Rx cutting edge will manifest itself as experimental releases. The real-world-developer-tested innovations in the experimental releases will most likely find their way into subsequent stable releases, which are the bits you'll want to build your event stream processing empire on top of. [​IMG]
    The experimental releases will allow you to see and touch where the technology is heading, as well as help the team go in the right direction, as you have already done. Without developers using Rx in the real world and providing feedback to the Rx team, it is unlikely that Rx would be in the shape that it is today. Thank you!!
    Here, I catch up with Rx developers Wes Dyer and Bart De Smet to get more information (and to see if I can get Wes and Bart writing on the whiteboard at the same time). Tune in,
    Congratulations to the Rx team!!
    Download Rx V1: (or using NuGet)
    Rx Documentation: (conceptual) (reference)
    Rx Workshop:

    Rx Forum:



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