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Not sure if this is the correct place on the forum for my question. If not, sorry and please move it to the right place.

End 2015 we moved from Mac Osx to Windows 10 laptop wise. We (wife and me and soon daugher) still use iPhone's and iPads. We shoot lot of photo's. These are automatically uploaded to iCloud.
During our Mac Osx time I used the mac to "clear" the photo's and video.
With Windows 10 this is no longer working. Windows download without problems the iCloud photo's, but when I remove an picture in Windows it will not get deleted on our phone's. Seems it is just 1 way.
Since we moved to Windows I'm using the iPad to do that trick.

I'm wondering if there is something like that for windows 10. OneDrive for example. It has an Application for the iPhone / iPad
What i'm looking for is that what we had with iCloud on the iPhone / IPad now with windows 10 and the devices.

What do I want:

* Photo's uploaded automatically to OneDrive
* The uploaded photo keep just an tumbnail on the iPhone, not the full photo. This is important otherwise our iPhone's are full. Same for video.
* When i'm deleting pictures / video's it must be removed on all devices. For example, when deleting them in windows, it must get deleted on the iphone's and ipads. And vice versa.

Basically this is what is happening with iCloud from Apple.
Currently paying apple for the space. I have no problem to pay microsoft instead, if it is working.

I hope it is clear, my english is not that good.

Thanks in advance.


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I think you are confusing the use of Microsoft apps with Apple apps; they do not work the same way on both platforms. :noway: If you want to use iCloud (Apple), you should be only accessing it on Apple devices (iPhone/iPad/Mac/iMac, etc.). If you are using Microsoft apps such as OneDrive, they are designed to work with Windows devices such as IBM PCs, Windows laptops/tablets/phones. Attempting to cross-platform is not supported or recommended from what I've seen. :(

Simply use your Apple mobile devices to upload or auto-sync to Apple's iCloud. Use any Windows mobile devices to auto-sync to OneDrive. I now have a mixed household since I bought my wife her iPhone last Christmas; the rest of my devices are all Windows and Linux based. To my knowledge there is no auto-syncing program that "bridges" iCloud and OneDrive regardless of which one you pay a fee for premium storage to.

What you might try, is if you have an Office365 annual subscription (I have this for my Windows machines), you now get 1TB of OneDrive storage per user. My subscription gives me 5 users each with 1TB of OneDrive storage; total storage 5TB. If Microsoft has an analogous Office365 subscription for Mac Office, you could buy the Mac Office subscription, and install your Mac Office on your iPad for example, configure it's OneDrive, and then when you switch to your Windows10 machine, your photos may auto-sync between the Mac-based Office OneDrive and the PC-based Office OneDrive.:scratch:

Others may have a dual-platform setup at home with more experience than me, so perhaps we'll hear if my suggestion will work or there is another way for you. I'm planning on buying a MacBook or an iPad later this year, and if I do so I can test this theory and post back. That may be a bit late for you, so hopefully some of our other Mac-Apple experts can chime in with a current solution if one exists.

If you do find a result that works, please post back and share your final solution with our other Users.

Best of luck to you,:encouragement:

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Hi @BIGBEARJEDI thanks very much for your reply.

If I can work with my iPhone's with microsoft OneDrive for example, then I do not need iCloud anymore. My goal is to have 1 software that does it all.
If I can get things done with OneDrive, I stop using iCloud. What I understand from your reply this would not be the best.

Will search for an old iPhone we have somewhere laying, and see how it works or not :)


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You're welcome. :) To my knowledge, that's not yet possible on both Windows & Mac platforms at this time.:scratch:However, as I said we have yet to hear from the Mac experts here. My theoretical solution would require you to purchase the MS Office365 for Mac subscription at about $120 per expensive solution. I also have clients who are facing this same problem, so it would be good if we found another way.

Keep us posted!:D

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It is not working indeed. There is no sync between iPhone and OneDrive.Just an upload from iPhone to OneDrive.
Means that things deleted on iPhone get not deleted on OneDrive. And deleted on OneDrive not deleted on iPhone.
Will stick with iCloud for now. I have OneDrive on my windows 10 system. And it makes an backup of the photo's/video's we have.
Will see how far we come with the free space.

My question is answered.


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Sounds good. Thanks for posting back with an update and sharing with the rest of our WF users!:D


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