Anti Virus Issues


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I installed Kasperksy to a 64 bit windows 7 installation (part ofthe beta options recommended by W7 upon installation). It is working nice and nifty. No problem with performance, updating and scanning and all. However, when I tried out systems diagnostics, "no anti virus" detected was flagged. Suggestions offered, to include disable anti virus operation at the security center... checked it out there but firewall options were already off. Any theories?
hey can manually turn the firewall on correct?

I had the same thing happen on the early kaspersky beta for 7, but havent seen it for awhile. Also, the windows firewall remained on during this time correct?

you must realize that kaspersky is just a beta too, and there will be some issues. If you still have that problem them maybe an uninstall/reinstall is in order. My Kaspersky is running fine now. One side note, I;ve decided to leave the Kaspersky firewall off and leave Windows firewall on for testing purposes. So far, I've yet to come across a problem (knock on wood). But since I've taken that approach, kaspersky has not given me any grief either!