Anybody Interested In Starting A Class Action Lawsuit??

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by Celestra, Aug 6, 2009.

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    You've got that right Drew and that is the realistic thing to do. If everyone of us who feels this way (i think that is probably everyone of us) would get out and advise everyone we know that local OEM's are a better way to go hands down than any Dell or Hp. It is difficult to start a class action suit and it could very well never get off the ground, if everyone here pushes this idea on everyone we contact be it here or on other forums, in our day to day lives, wherever,this type of an approach can grow legs on it's own and the real benefit is it costs nothing to start just have to put your beliefs on the line and spread the word.
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    I really do see your point here Celestra but I just don't think for all the time and money it would cost to launch such a suit that the end result would be worth it.. ;) It certainly is a valid reason to start one though.. I wish you all the best of luck should you go forward with it.. ;)
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    Unfortunately, you would have to bring Microsoft into the suit also. Remember MS wants that copy of the OS for that computer to die when that machine dies. This is modern business practices where you don't really own the software but just license it for an undetermined period of time. This is one of the reasons i am looking forward to 7 coming out. I will be able to do a clean install and be rid of Vista and bloatware. Every time i reload my HP it takes more then an hour to remove the junk. Actually makes me angry! If you machine can handle it get a upgrade copy of 7. If you open the 7 upgrade disk in vista you can do a clean install. That is what i am doing and have 3 copies on order.
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