Anyone know of tool to find what is using webcam?


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I continue to get message that webcam is unavailable and I should close the application that is using it. I have no idea what has gotten control of it. Running Win 7, 64 bit clean install - camera is Agama-315 and Win 7 provided the driver (ver 6.1.7600.16385).

This camera was first used on a different PC that was running Win 7, 32 bit and it worked just fine. Plugging it into the 64 version I cannot get rid of the pesky "In use by another application" report. The only two applications that I am aware of that would use the webcam is Windows live messenger and TeamViewer 5 - I have gone into those apps and disabled the video and still cannot get the other app to recognize the camera. Device mgr says all is well with both the video and audio.

Any ideas? I have scoured the web looking for a tracing tool that could tell me what device, applicaiton, or service has got control of the webcam.


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FIXED IT THIS AFTERNOON. Too long of a story to tell how I found the problem, but sufice it to say, I could not plug the Agama webcam into the usb socket that was adjacent to the usb socket hosting the wireless receiver for my Logitech mouse. Pulling both of the devices out and then plugging them in one before the other - in both cases the first device plugged in connected and the second one gives a connection error in the lower right tray -when finding new device. Reverse the order - same thing. Perhaps the mouse wireless xmit/rec module is interfering with the Agama webcam and vice versa???

Moving the two devices to usb ports a few inches apart makes everything peachy.

I told Agama about this.

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