Windows 7 Arc Touch - Meet the Designer


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CES starts today and while we ramp up for the commotion, enjoy this video of Young Kim, Senior User Experience Designer from Microsoft Hardware, talking about what went in to creating the Arc Touch. "What's the big deal, it's just another mouse" you might say. No, not really. Arc Touch was a huge challenge for Microsoft Hardware; there is just nowhere to put the electronics once you remove the space that the batteries and Blue Track hardware require. And then you have the the challenge of the Arc's backbone that both holds it all together and allows the mouse to curve and flatten, thousands and thousands of times, without becoming so worn that it won't hold up the arch when you put your hand on it. It really was a huge challenge, both mechanically and design-wise, and MS Hardware knocked it out of the park. This is why many people are very proud of this mouse, and it leaves me excited for our future.


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