ARM-Based Windows 8 Tablet with Live Tiles


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Foley of ZDNet reported that Windows 8 could arrive sooner than we expect, there has been some chatter on the Internet that the next-generation desktop Windows operating system could arrive on tablets with better touch support along with compatibility with ARM-based processors, a feature that CEO Steve Ballmer had announced during the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. Foley says that Microsoft has already completed the second milestone of the Windows 8 build, and that Milestone 3 is expected to be accomplished on February 28th, The beta build should be ready, if all things go according to plan by the end of this year. The time table would put Microsoft’s release well in advance of Dell’s new tablet roadmap, which has a Windows slate for release in early 2012, though if Microsoft continues its historic tradition of releasing two beta builds before a Release to Manufacturing (RTM) build, Windows 8 may not launch until mid-year 2012 by that prediction. Since Mary Jo’s article has appeared online, numerous tech sites have added their own predictions. (click pic to enlarge)


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