Ask how to Install ie 8 on windows 8

dear All,

my web custom application in my company incompatible with ie 9 and above.
maybe active x or javascript that not compatible.

then its should downgrade from IE9 or IE10 to IE8,
the problem is, when i install IE8 on windows 8 i can not install.

please advice could IE8 installed on windows 8, if you have article or reference its would be nice.


hi all,

my web custom application not compatible with IE9 or IE10,
then IE need downgrade to IE8,

there is problem when install IE8 on windows 8.

Please advice, could i install IE8 on Windows 8?
if there is article or reference it would be nice.

thanks for advance.



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You could try IE 10 in IE8 mode?

Open "Tools" on the top bae.
select "F12 Developer Tools
Select "Browser mode"
Select "Internet Explorer 8

See if it is then compatible with your work program


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I've merged these threads to save confusion. Please do not double post as your answer won't come any quicker.

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